How to rig different types of live bait when fishing

By May 11, 2017Equipment

When it comes to fishing with live baits there are many ways to rig your baits for the best chance at getting a hookup. The presentation of your live bait is paramount to make it look as realistic as possible and enticing to your targeted fish species. In this article we will look at the different ways certain bait fish can be rigged for better results. Lets start with the humble worm.

Rigging worms

One of the most common baits is the worm, whether it be a common garden variety or a salt water beach worm the same techniques can be used for all varieties. Depending on the size of the worm, the best method is to thread the worm onto the hook so it takes the shape of the hook leaving a small piece on the end to hide the barb. This will make the worm look as realistic as possible and hide any sign of the hook.