Furuno was the first name in fish finders, and they have been a trusted name in marine technology for the better part of a century. Furuno Fish Finders have been a fisherman’s favorite for decades. The company has constantly been on the forefront of new technological advancements, and they are continuing to innovate and expand as time goes on.

The Furuno Brand History

Furuno is a Japanese company that was founded in 1938 in Nagasaki. The company has always been extremely innovative, and in 1948 they commercialized the first widely-used fish finder. In 1958, the company began selling overseas to countries such as Argentina and China. In 1961, they developed the world’s first net sonde, which is a monitoring system for fishing nets. By 1966 they were a leader in the marine technology sector and made a move to expand into other fields.

Throughout the latter 20th century the company continued to expand and develop ground-breaking technology. In that period, they developed departments in both the United Kingdom and the United States as well as many other countries throughout the world.

Today Furuno is a leader in marine electronics as well as a variety of other products. Their iconic blue lettering has graced radar antennae for decades as a representation of the Earth and widespread business.

Their management principles state that companies should serve society, their management must be creative, and that their employees must be happy in order for the company to effectively grow. These principles can be seen in the company’s success as well as its longevity.

Furuno Products

Furuno was the first commercialized producer of a fish finder, but they have come a long way from their first model. They now offer a variety of marine equipment for everything from recreational boating to the merchant marines.

Since expanding into other technological realms Furuno, now offers medical equipment as well as meteorological equipment. Most recently they developed the Clinical Chemistry Analyzer CA-800, which is a device that can analyse blood or other bodily fluid samples in order to help doctors through the process of diagnosing patients.

In addition to fish finders, Furuno offers a plethora of other products for use on fishing vessels. They provide everything from compasses to sonar to autopilot technologies. They offer a plethora of navigational devices such as radar. They have several new models with screens up to 15”. They even include a Target Analyzer function that helps to enhance fishing experiences. Anything a serious boater could possibly need they can find from Furuno.

Furuno Fish Finders

Furuno offers several different models of fish finders. All Furuno Fish Finders are extremely high-tech and able to be used in a variety of circumstances. Some of their models are best suited for fishing vessels, but many are suitable for fishing vessels, recreational boats, and working vessels.

Their FCV-628 5.7” LCD Fish Finder comes equipped with RezBoost technology that creates a huge boost in resolution and target separation. This model also employs ACCU-Fish, which is a digital technology that allows the system to estimate the size of fish below the boat. It is also possible with this model to analyse the structure along the surface of the bottom as well as the composition of the ground beneath. The white line feature allows fishermen to distinguish between structures lying on the bottom and low-lying fish. This model is also compatible with a chart plotter to mark fishing grounds with information and track your journey, but it requires a separate device. The FCV-588 8.4” LCD Fish Finder has all of the same features as the FCV-628, but it just has a significantly larger screen, so the information can be displayed more clearly.

Other Furuno Fishing Products

In addition to fish finders, Furuno also has many other accessories that greatly assist fishermen such as their fish size indicator. The FCV-2100 is a new device that graphically shows the size of fish in a remarkably accurate fashion. It has the ability to track fish sizes in three different locations simultaneously so that it can help fisherman to track the composition of a school and make their decisions about where to cast in order to fish most efficiently.

The model has a very simple operation with a single trackball. It also has the ability to take pictures and videos, so a record can be taken of the fish that were seen. An external storage device may also be utilized to save large amounts this information, so fisherman can keep a very extensive log of the fish that have been encountered. This device also has the ability to hook up to a fish finder for even more functionality.

Successful, quality companies like Furuno are few and far between in today’s society. If you are looking for reliable marine technology like a fish finder, then Furuno is a great company to purchase from.