Garmin is a trusted name in GPS technology and their fish finders are no exception. Garmin fish finders offer some of the most sophisticated sonar and mapping technology that exists. With exceptional picture quality and viewing capabilities, and GPS tracking and mapping technology, Garmin fish finders are reliable for any die-hard fisherman.

The Garmin Brand

Garmin has been a leader in the GPS industry for a number of years with their expansive line of products. The company was founded in 1989 in Kansas by two entrepreneurs: Gary Burrell and Min H. Kao. The original name was ProNav, but that was quickly changed to Garmin, which is a combination of the first names of the two founders. Their first product was a simple GPS unit that sold for a whopping $2500. Now their products cover a much wider range and have become much more sophisticated and affordable.

Product Types

Garmin offers a wide range of navigation and camera products in fields ranging from marine to automotive. Their newest offerings have been in the wearable technology category. In that category, they now offer everything from activity trackers to smartwatches for both kids and adults.

Many people also don’t realize that Garmin even has a line of cameras with many different special features. In their automotive category, they are most well-known for their GPS devices, but they also provide backup cameras and other devices that make it safer to get behind the wheel.

Family pets aren’t left out of the mix either as Garmin offers a selection of dog trackers and dog training devices.

Garmin isn’t even limited to working just on the ground and sea as their selection of aviation technologies is constantly expanding. In that category, they offer devices for military and government aviation as well as business aviation and helicopters.

Anything you could possibly need in the realms of navigation, cameras, and activity trackers you will likely be able to find something suitable from Garmin. The company is well-respected, and their products are of a high-quality.

Fish Finders

Garmin offers several different fish finders with varying capabilities and features. All of their fish finders come equipped with CHIRP sonar technology as well as GPS capabilities. Some even offer ClearVu and SideVu in addition. The ClearVu technology produces a nearly photographic image of exactly what is just beneath the boat, so fisherman can clearly see any structures they may be passing over. SideVu provides the same clear picture quality and shows fisherman what is directly to the sides of the boat.

The GPS capabilities of the different Garmin fish finders allow fishers to plot exactly where they have been, so it is easy for them to return to the same places if their trip was successful. It is also possible to mark docks, so they can enter the water in the same place as well and have a perfect record of exactly what journey they took. The Quick Draw Contours feature allows fisherman to have HD maps of where they have been in real time. Several of the fish finder models can even store millions of acres of these maps. Some even include the boat’s speed on the screen, so fisherman can make sure they are following laws.

Garmin Fish Finder Models

Garmin offers fish finders in a few different sizes. Fishermen can choose from a 4”, 5”, or 7” screen. It offers four models in the 4” category, two of which come with ClearVu, but none in that size have the SideVu capability. This size is the least expensive with the most basic one coming in a little less than $200 while the most expensive is an additional $100.

As the models move up in size, they increase their capabilities, but also their price. Those in the 5” range still don’t have SideVu, but there is an ice fishing package that is this size that includes everything a fisherman would need for that very specialized form of fishing.

The fish finders that feature a 7” screen are the most technologically advanced. There is one basic model in this size without ClearVu or SideVu, but every other model offers one of those features if not both. These models also take a significant jump in price though. The most expensive model is over $900.

While these devices may be a little on the expensive side, they are absolutely invaluable for anyone who is serious about getting the best results from their fishing. These small devices can transform a fisherman’s experience and make them significantly more successful if they are used effectively.

Garmin offers a great range of products so that if fishermen just want a very basic device they can get it, but they can also get a device that has all the bells and whistles if they want to pull out all the stops in their fishing experience.