How to use a fish finder in 5 simple steps

By February 5, 2018How to

A fish finder is an automatic electronic unit that is designed to help you find fish in a body of water. The fish finder will show you a black and white image of what is directly below the probe unit under your boat at that time, including the shapes of fish, rocks, algae, and the depth and temperature of the water. It does this through the use of sonar to detect what is underneath your vessel. If you use a fish finder, it will allow you to know where to cast your line, so that you can get a good catch.

Learning to use a fish finder is based on understanding the buttons on the device. The fish finder will save time and increase your catch because it puts you quickly where the fish are. However, if you have never used a fish finder in the past before, it can be a little tricky. So you will need to try and follow these steps if you want to use a fish finder properly, and get the most use out of it.

Instructions on using the fish finder.

1. Switch it on

Press and release the power key to turn on the fish finder. After you switch it on, you will then need to configure it.

2. Configure the fish finder

Press the menu key to pull up the menu and use the arrows to move back and forth between the different settings such as zoom, settings and view. You can try to move the left and right arrows in the range of changing the maximum water depth that the fish finder collects. When they are set in a selection, press the enter settings button, when you have set up all of the required stuff.

3. Set up alarms

Press the menu button and use the arrows to select the word settings and press Enter. Here you can set alarms to sound at a low battery, shallow water and deep water, and fish detection. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the options and adjust the alarms by pressing enter.

4. Check the finder to see water details

Look on the screen for the large numbers in the corner on the left. The upper number is the depth of the running water is, and the lower number is the water temperature.

5. Use the fish finder to locate fish

Look for fish shapes on the fish finder screen. Once a fish appears, the fish is below the fish finder and its boat. The number next to each fish is the depth of the fish so you can determine how far down to drop your line.

These are all of the steps that you will need to take if you want to make use of a fish finder. As you can see, it is not that complicated at all. You only need to use it for a bit, and you should get the hang of it. Soon, all of those fish will be biting!