Humminbird, for over 40 years, has been one of America’s favorite companies for Fishfinder technology. As one of the leaders of the innovative Side Imaging technology, Humminbird continually pushes the boundaries of Fishfinder technology and advancements. For years, they have provided fantastic resources for anglers, whether they fish recreationally or professionally.

Humminbird History and Technological Advancements

Many of the popular devices used by today’s anglers, such as depth sounder, marine radios, and even the ever-popular Fishfinders, were introduced by Humminbird to consumers. Humminbird is available across the United States and Canada, as well as nearly 100 international retailers worldwide.

Back in 1975, Humminbird produced and introduced the fishing industry’s first mass-produced waterproof depth sounder called the Super Sixty. Anglers everywhere latched onto the product immediately, and soon it was used across the world of fishing. After the creation of this revolutionary device, the company became one of the top fishing companies in the nation.

In the early 1980s, Humminbird—which was a brand under Techsonic Industries, Inc. at the time—released what they called the LCR series, which were the humble beginnings of the “liquid crystal” displays of the present day Humminbird fish finders. By 1987, the Humminbird brand released the LCR4ID fish finder, which became a smash hit in both the marine industries and sport fishing.

Humminbird continued their groundbreaking traditions into the 1990s. They introduced the first 3-D sonar system, which they called the Dimension 3-120. In the early 1990s, the company that owned Humminbird partnered with Teleflex to form and produce the Humminbird WIDE series, which remains the best product launch in the history of Techsonic, which owns Humminbird.

By the 2000s, Humminbird was beyond well known in the fishing industry. The introduction of their “beginner” or entry-level fish finders, the Piranha series, made them even more marketable to even those who fish as a hobby. They also launched their trailblazing SmartCast wireless technology, further opening their market to more anglers, such as those fishing from small boats and from the shore. They also launched the Matrix Fishing Systems, which includes better sonar capabilities, GPS functions, and chart plotting for anglers that are more professional.

Humminbird Today

In 2004, Johnson Outdoors, a company known for their adventurous spirit and their emphasis on innovation, purchased and acquired Techsonic Industries. Humminbird continues to grow and expand even now under the ownership of Johnson Outdoors. This brand remains one of the most popular among anglers, and their technological advancements are boundless.

Humminbird Fish Finders

For Fishfinders, Humminbird is a fantastic company. Their numerous innovations and technological advancements make them one of the best companies on the market for producing high definition, successful fish finders. Their options range from around $100 to the thousands, but the features included in their machines make them more than worth the investment.

Top Humminbird Fish Finder Products

The cheapest and smallest machine, the PiranhaMAX 4, features a small screen approximately 4.3” across. It includes Duel Frequency sonar, powerful and useful in locating fish beneath the surface. It also includes up to 2400 watts of power output, making it a small device with a powerful punch. Humminbird also offers separate pieces and additions available for purchase for affordable prices.

Their most expensive model, the SOLIX 15 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS, has more features than you could even dream of, making it one of the most efficient fish finders on the market by far. The screen measures 15.4” and features an LED backlight, providing energy efficiency to a small but mighty machine. It also features some of the best technology and attributes that Humminbird has to offer. Their CHIRP MEGA side imaging and down imaging are some of the best in the business, and it even includes the simpler 2D sonar. It also comes with everything the professional angler could ever need, such as a unit cover, AutoChart Live (with features like depth, bottom hardness, and vegetation mapping), GPS chart plotting, integrated Bluetooth capabilities, and even Ethernet connectivity capacity. They also offer an even stronger set of Down and Side Imaging coverage, which can extend up to 800 foot from side to side, or down to the depth of 400 feet. All of these are available with the SOLIX 15 CHIRP MEGA system, which is by far the most sophisticated device that Humminbird offers.

For an amazing deal for the money, anglers should check out the Humminbird Helix-10 DI fishfinder. Considered by many to be one of the most intricate and cost effective machines from this company, the Helix-10 DI GPS Fishfinder/Chartplotter successfully intermingles the wayfinding abilities and fish-detecting technology for some of the best fishing results. The Down Imaging, as with the SOLIX 15, is incredibly remarkable and can provide anglers with nearly clear images of what is going on beneath the surface. The 10” LED screen also makes it incredibly attractive, as it is small and portable while still large enough for finding small details on the screen. The built in GPS also makes it one of the best depth finders in the business.

The Verdict

For a great fishfinder, Humminbird fish finders are some of the best in the industry. Their innovative technology and constant advancement ensure fantastic results for anglers everywhere.