Over the past 80 years, RayMarine has been engineering and producing high performance marine electronics. Whether anglers are looking for reliable and modern navigation systems, detailed sonar imaging, or thermal cameras, RayMarine offers a large selection of advanced marine technology to satisfy every boater’s individual needs.

In addition to recreational boating, the company’s wide array of products can also be used for smaller commercial boating markets. No matter what consumers purchase from RayMarine, each product is specially engineered, making them easy to use, reliable, and attractively designed. RayMarine’s products allow consumers to not just fish, but to have an exciting underwater hunting experience.

RayMarine Fish Finder Products

RayMarine has an expansive selection of fish finders and sonar modules. Fish finders allow boaters to easily locate fish, which means fishermen do not have to dread wasting time trying to find good fishing spots.

RayMarine’s fish finders are beneficial for inshore or offshore coastal fishing and freshwater fishing. The following models described hereafter are only a few of the company’s top-quality fish finders and sonar modules that RayMarine offers consumers.

The WiFish™ is a Wi-Fi enabled CHIRP DownVision™ Sonar. WiFish™ allows the user’s smartphone or tablet to become a reliable fish finder sonar by downloading the Wi-Fish app, which provides users with real-time sonar.

Those looking for a more traditional sonar may be interested in RayMarine’s CP100 Sonar with CHIRP DownVision™, which provides DownVision™ depth performance of up to 900 feet, photo-like imagery, and resolutions up to 1280 x 800 pixels.

Another great choice out of the selection of RayMarine fish finders is the CP200 CHIRP SideVision® Sonar. This model offers clear and detailed imagery and is engineered with the same spectacular CHIRP sonar technology used in the DownVision™, allowing for more enhanced detection and imagery compared to traditional side sonars.

GPS Units

Even the most experienced fishermen can get lost on large bodies of water or cannot seem to remember the exact location of the best fishing spots. GPS units deliver accurate and fast navigation to make fishing experiences less stressful. RayMarine’s GPS units are accurate, reliable, and deliver navigation in real-time.

One of the models that the company offers is the eS Series. The eS Series comes complete with RayMarine’s HybridTouch™, charts including Navionics, C-Map by Jeppesen, and RayMarine’s continuously expanding LightHouse chart catalog, and multifunction rotary control.

The gS Series is also a phenomenal navigation system. The gS Series comes with a smart touch screen MFD, a self-contained multifunction display, can be expanded into a multi-station system, and is equipped with RayMarine’s fastest dual processor.

Yet another impressive RayMarine navigation system is the aSeries. The aSeries by RayMarine is engineered with advanced LED technology, offers easy viewing even in the brightest sunlight or the darkest moonlight, is powered by Lighthouse II, has the best chart options, including C-Map by Jeppesen, Navionics, and RayMarine Lighthouse charts, and comes with wired and wireless remote-control options.

These GPS units as well as others that RayMarine offers can be paired with RayMarine fish finders for the most advanced and effective electronic fishing system.

Fish Finder and GPS Unit Combos

Fishermen also have the option to purchase fish finder and GPS combo units. More advanced systems like this gather and determine location data and combine that data with underwater imaging data to deliver a detailed image of what fish can be caught and where the fish are located. Combo units are popular among fishermen because they save space and energy.

RayMarine produces high performance fish finder and GPS combos for every angler’s preference. The Dragonfly™ 5Pro uses CHIRP sonar technology, which results in more detailed images and unmatched clarity, as well as regularly updated charts.

Another model from RayMarine’s Dragonfly™ series is the Dragonfly™ 4. This more affordable model comes equipped with CHIRP DownVision™ and can be easily mounted thanks to its ball-and-socket mounting system.

Anglers can also experience RayMarine’s high performance engineering with the Axiom multifunction navigation system. The Axiom delivers expert quality with built-in RealVision™ 3D sonar, a quad core processor, and the new Lighthouse3 operating system. Plus, consumers can choose from 3 different display sizes: 7”, 9”, or 12.1”.

RayMarine’s combo units combine the powerful sonar technology of RayMarine fish finders with the fast and accurate processing speed of the company’s GPS units.

Make the Best Choice

Every consumer has different needs, so it is important to take into account what you may need to enhance your unique fishing experience. RayMarine’s electronics simplify fishing excursions by delivering high performance results. Consumers have trusted and used RayMarine’s products for over 80 years. Boaters who use RayMarine’s products can rest assured knowing that they are receiving top notch quality and the most updated marine technology on the market.

Whether consumers are looking to more accurately locate fish, easily traverse the open waters, or are looking for a system that is equipped with a highly powered sonar and reliable navigation, RayMarine has something for every boater.