Another Saturday and another kayak fishing session in the Brisbane river. This time, my mate Dave and I headed to towards the mouth of the Brisbane River in the hope of chasing some Mangrove Jacks around the rock walls. We met at Pinkenba boat ramp on sunrise, navigated the slippery boat ramp and loaded our yaks into the water. The tide was dead low and slowly starting to make it’s way back in. So without hesitation, we straight lined it for the sunken rock wall about 500 metres towards the river mouth.

We had a few flicks and a bit of a troll along the way, but with no luck. So to avoid paddling against a strong incoming tide, we continued on our way. Once at the rock wall we tried flicking hardbody lures alongside the exposed rocks hoping for a bite. The fishing was slow going, with little to no interest at all. Dave was in the same boat, with not even a follow or hit on the hardbodies.

I decided to explore a section of rock wall that led into a shallow bay. After a few casts, I got a hit and landed a mid sized Bream. I was relieved I wasn’t heading home with a donut, but not overly impressed by the size of the fish. Soon after Dave met up with me and we worked a pipeline at the entrance to the shallow bay. This proved successful for Dave as he managed a mid sized beam also.

Happy we both saved ourselves from donuts, we continued to work the pylons that supported the pipeline, but with no more success. We decided to start the drift back along the sunken rock wall and hope for some more action. I drifted much faster than Dave and cast my new Ecogear SX40 up tight along the back whilst my kayak sat motionless in an eddy. BAM I was on! Something big hit my lure and took me straight into the rocks, before I knew it, the line went tight and then SNAP – the line broke. Annoyed, and slightly angry at the loss of a brand new lure, I proceeded to re-rig my line and have another go at the same area.

At this point Dave had caught up, and started flicking his lure around the same area. BAM next minute Dave was hooked up, and it gave him a decent fight. Low and behold, it was a Cod – but better yet it was the same fish that earlier bricked me and stole my lure. Looking side the mouth of the code and there it was – my brand new SX40 had been saved! After a few pics, the greedy Cod was released to fight another day, and steal a few more lures for other fishermen.

We continued the drift back along the rock wall but to our disappointment there were no more fish landed – not even a couple of hits, or follows. Unfortunately that’s the second time now we haven’t had much luck at the rockwall, so will be giving it a miss for a while we think and return to the wharf regions further upstream.