John Uldrich and Robert Knutson founded Vexilar in 1960 under the name Vexilar Engineering. Since its founding, Vexilar has been a leader in the sports fishing market by often introducing “firsts” in marine technology. More impressively, many of their original products have been upgraded over the years and are still manufactured today.

It is the company’s goal to offer consumers affordable quality products. Although Vexilar is not a big market brand, it still delivers innovative and efficient sports fishing products to make fishing excursions easier and more enjoyable for experienced and rookie fishermen alike.

Sonar Equipment

Vexilar offers a selection of sonar equipment to help boaters detect fish and water depths. One of the models of Vexilar fish finders is the SonarPhone with Transducer T-Pod (SP100). The SonarPhone T-Pod is a Wi-Fi enabled transmitter that transforms the user’s smart phone or tablet into a sonar system equivalent to high-dollar sonar systems on the market, and it can be used anywhere at any time because it creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot, which can be shared with others.

A similar model is the SonarPhone with HS Transducer (SP200), which also transforms the user’s phone or tablet into a fully functional sonar and has a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. The difference between this model and the SP100 is that the SP200 can be permanently mounted to a boat equipped with a 12-volt power supply.

In addition to these two models, Vexilar also manufactures the SonarPhone with HS Transducer and Porta Case (SP300). Just like with the SP100 and SP200 models, the SP300 is engineered with the same features. The difference is that this model is a portable system and comes with a carrying case to store the battery and a suction cup mount to be attached to the boat.

The three models mentioned above all provide the user with water depth and temperature and produce an alarm sound to indicate shallow water, fish, and low battery.

Underwater Cameras

The selection of underwater cameras is also part of the Vexilar fish finders available. Underwater cameras allow fishermen to clearly view what is swimming beneath the surface, providing users with easy and accurate fish location.

The Fish Scout Camera with DTD and a bag (FS2000DT) is just one of Vexilar’s advanced underwater cameras. This model allows anglers to view fish in color or black and white mode during low light conditions, and the digital sensors provide DTD information: depth, temperature, and direction the camera is positioned.

Consumers may also purchase Vexilar’s Fish Scout Double Vision with DTD and FL20 with Pro View Complete (FSDV20DT). Vexilar promises that this camera will double fishing success thanks to this model’s DTD sensor and the FL20 sonar system. Plus, the FSDV20DT comes with a battery status indicator and a carrying case for convenience.

Another innovative underwater camera by Vexilar is the FishPhone Camera System Complete (FP100). The FishPhone allows the user to turn their smart phone or tablet into an underwater camera monitor with full functionality. It comes complete with a holder and battery pack, allowing for hassle-free management of the 50-foot cable.

In addition to these three impressive models, Vexilar offers additional underwater cameras.

Ice Flashers

For fishermen wanting to brave icy waters, Vexilar fish finders also come in the form of ice flashers. Ice flashers are flasher and sonar systems equipped to work in extreme winter water conditions.

The FL-8se Genz with a 19 Degree Ice Ducer (GP0819) is an upgraded version of Vexilar’s classic ice flasher design. This model comes in a weather-proof, high impact case and has a three-color LED display, a built-in transducer holder, and a 12-volt battery with a charger and a 7 amp-hour output.

Part of Vexilar’s FLX-12 series is the Pro Pack – FLX-12 with a 12 Degree Ice Ducer and DD-100 (PPX1212D). The PPX1212D includes a 12-volt, 9 amp-hour battery with a charger and a carrying case, and it is equipped with a flat screen display that has a night mode for enhanced visibility.

A step up from the PPX1212D is the Ultra Pack – FLX-20 with a 12 Degree Ice Ducer and DD-100 (UPX2012D). The Ultra Pack comes with a float holder handle, rod holder, and tackle box, along with a 12 Degree Ice Ducer transducer. The Ultra Pack allows ice fishers to use advanced features like the two bottom Zoom-Zone.

These three models and other ice flashers that Vexilar produces offer ice fishers advanced features and innovative designs for effective and productive fishing.

Quality at Affordable Prices

Since 1960, consumers have faithfully used Vexilar’s products. Vexilar delivers high quality products for affordable prices. Fishermen and boaters can trust that they will receive efficient and innovative sports fishing products at reasonable prices because Vexilar has kept their promise to consumers since its founding. Many of the company’s products today have been upgraded from their original designs, which were often the first in their field. Vexilar makes more than just sonars, underwater cameras, and ice flashers, and they continue to keep their promise to consumers by delivering affordable quality products.